Fengpu Avenue

Masterplan and Urban Design

SUPERSPACE supported Woods Bagot’s concept masterplan for an 8.62 kilometre stretch of Fengpu Avenue – an important pioneer development axis in Shanghai’s Fengxian New City – by delivering a set of urban design guidelines. The initial brief was to transform this important avenue into a liveable and walkable urban corridor that would both enhance the city’s image and catalyse development of multiple industries within the district.

To provide benchmark metrics for successful walkable avenue neighbourhoods, SUPERSPACE modelled popular streets and boulevards in global cities such as Barcelona, Berlin and Melbourne. Metrics compared included block sizes, building heights, avenue widths, green space and residential population densities. These metrics, combined with site-specific analysis and culturally sensitive place making strategies, fed into design simulations and formed the basis of a framework of guidelines for the masterplan.



Shanghai, China



864 ha



Shanghai Fengxian Nanqiao New City Construction and Development Co., Ltd.






Christian Derix, Director
Lucy Helme
Fabio Galicia