Macquarie Location Search

Headquarters Location Search


For Macquarie bank we extended our urban profiling platform to provide a bespoke location search, delivering location matches for a new headquarters building in New York. This application allows a user (such as a company) to define search objectives to virtually scout the city for neighbourhoods, blocks and buildings that best match their user profile. The urban profiles can encompass spatial, social, economic and other metrics, and are generated from bespoke spatial analysis as well as open and proprietary datasets.

Macquarie’s desired location profile specified target ranges for transport accessibility, floorplate capacities, building types, aspect and solar considerations among others. We worked at two scales: datasets mapped to blocks in 2D filtered down suitable potential locations within Manhattan to a long-list of potential buildings, and from there a second process in 3D tested floorplates in detail. A final shortlist of 35 locations matching the desired profile was delivered to Macquarie.






Christian Derix, Director
Lucy Helme
Prarthana Jagannath